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Get to know Marín with Innmare Fortuna Boutique Hotel

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We show you some of the wonders of our environment

Innmare Fortuna Boutique Hotel is located in the heart of the town of Marín. A privileged location that allows you to be close to the beaches of Portocelo (1 km on foot from the hotel), Aguete, Loira and Santo de Mar- A Coviña, awarded with the blue flag last summer.

We are also very close to other Galician cities of great tourist interest such as Pontevedra, Vigo and Santiago de Compostela, pilgrimage destination for the Compostela Holy Years 2021 and 2022. All of them places of great historical and cultural wealth, which offer a rich offer of leisure for all its visitors and very well connected by car or public transport with the town hall of Marín.

Enjoy the Galician Rías Baixas start a unique experience from Innmare Fortuna Boutique Hotel.

Innmare Fortuna Boutique Hotel

What places to visit?

Marín beaches

Without a doubt, one of the mandatory stops for all those who visit Marín are the beaches: Portocelo, Mogor, Aguete, O Santo and Lapamán. Beaches of recognized natural beauty and little crowded tourism.

Recognized as one of the best sandy areas in our estuary, Marín is the first Council in Galicia that has the EMAS certification for environmental management and blue flags.

Marín promenade

The promenade makes an ideal route for walking along the coast.

A hiking option for an excellent experience.

Petroglyphs of Mogor

Very close to the Mogor beach area, there are the incredible petroglyphs preserved in the rocks of this area, known as "Labyrinth of Mogor".

A historical wonder visited by people interested in culture, history and archeology.

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Nearby areas of tourist interest


The city of Pontevedra, capital of the province, has multiple areas of interest and is valued as one of the main cities in Galicia.

The beauty of its old town and its rich history offers its visitors great attractions. Like the Church of San Francisco or Las Ruinas de Santo Domingo.

Innmare Fortuna Boutique Hotel


Vigo is another of the great cities of Galicia, both for its size and unstoppable development. It is a city with a great tourist offer, both for its famous Christmas lights celebrations, as well as for its many monuments and seafaring tradition.

Vigo has a wide range of leisure activities, highly valued both by its inhabitants and by all the visitors who, year after year, fall in love with this Galician town.

Innmare Fortuna Boutique Hotel

Santiago de Compostela

Santiago de Compostela is the most emblematic city in Galicia. A town visited per year by thousands of pilgrims, arriving from the different roads that converge in this characteristic city.

It has great monuments, such as the iconic Cathedral of Santiago.

Santiago cerca de Innmare Fortuna Boutique Hotel